Small Group & Private swimming lessons

Small Group & Private swimming lessons

Do you find it important that as much attention as possible is paid to your child during swimming lessons? In the Geusseltbad we offer the possibility of swimming lessons in groups of up to five children, or even entirely one-on-one with your own swimming instructor. Our Small Group or private swimming lessons are therefore extremely suitable for children who need rest, overview and concentration.

Small Group swimming lesson

Geusseltbad also offers swimming lessons in smaller groups, with a maximum of 5 children per lesson group (normally 10 children per lesson group). Thanks to the smaller groups, the swimming instructor or swimming instructor can give each child more attention, so that they can learn the material at their own pace. Our Small Group lessons are ideal for children who need more rest, overview and concentration.

Lesson days

The Small Group class is given on:

Wednesday 15.00-15.45 PM
16.00-16.45 PM
17.00-17.45 PM
Saturday 08.00-08.45 AM


For the Small Group lessons we use 4-week swimming passes, so that each student can determine his / her own pace. A 4-week pass for 1x swimming lesson per week costs € 74,00. The EasySwimpak is mandatory for these lessons. This costs € 43,00 and is available at the information desk.

Note: first create an account (“register as a new user”) and then click the swimming lesson of your preference. You are on the waiting list and we will contact you as soon as a new group starts!

Private swimming lesson

Are you looking for swimming lessons with a high level of attention for your child? Then private swimming lessons at the Geusseltbad are the perfect solution. This lesson is adapted as much as possible to the needs and preferences of times of the lesson swimmer. The big advantage of private swimming lessons is that there is tailor-made, appropriate to the personal development of the child. This way of teaching usually also results in a faster result, but of course that is not necessary. We offer private lessons for all ABC degrees.

Lesson days

The private lessons for diploma A / B / C are given on:

Monday 18.00-18.45 PM
Tuesday 18.00-18.45 PM
Wednesday 14.00-14.45 PM
Thursday 18.00-18.45 PM
Friday 15.00-15.45 PM


Private swimming lessons for 1 person costs € 52,75 per lesson
Private swimming lessons for 2 people costs € 37,00 per person, per lesson
The EasySwimpak is mandatory for these lessons. This costs € 43,00 and is available at the information desk.


Private lessons can be reserved and paid for via our online e-ticket system. Click on the button below, under “group lessons” go to private lesson and choose the desired date / dates.

Knowing more?

Do you want to know more about the private swimming lessons, the Small Group lessons or do you have a supplementary question about our offer? Ask your question via or call our reception on 043-3504500.

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