ABC swimming lessons

ABC swimming lessons in Maastricht!

Are you looking for good and fun swimming lessons at a top location in Maastricht? Search no further! At the Geusseltbad your child will enjoy active, educational and above all enjoyable swimming lessons, in a modern environment where parents and supervisors can also enjoy themselves. Our swimming lesson plan has been specially developed for children from 4 years. We work with the playful and challenging work forms of the EasySwim method, which fits in with the perception of the child and makes learning to swim even more fun, easier and safer. In this way your child will learn the swimming techniques and skills to successfully achieve A, B and C in their own unique way!

Super fun swimming lessons with EasySwim!

At Geusseltbad Maastricht we work with the playful and interactive methods of the internationally recognized EasySwim method, where the pleasure of the children and attention to their individual learning process are central. During the lessons we make use of special swimsuits and fun teaching materials that perfectly match the perception of children, making them more easily familiar with the learning material.

Thanks to the EasySwim swimsuit the children can move freely and feel safe and familiar in the water. In this way they can playfully experience why they have to do something in a certain way. That fits much better with the logic of a child, so that the curriculum sticks better. The swimming instructor or instructor also stands with the children in the swimming pool, which ensures better support, more personal attention and a higher learning efficiency.

Swimming lessons at the Geusseltbad are focused on lifelong swimming pleasure: experience it for yourself!

Swimming lessons at Geusseltbad

You can opt for swimming lessons of 45 minutes once or twice a week or 1.5 hours of lessons once a week. During the swimming lesson an EasySwim swimsuit is used.

• 2x a week, on Mondays and Thursdays
• 1x a week, from Monday up to and including Saturday
• 1x a week 1.5 hours of lessons, on Saturdays

When registering, the child will first appear on the waiting list. As soon as a new lesson group starts on the day and time of your preference, you will be contacted. How long this takes depends on the popularity of the chosen lesson. With flexible availability, you can usually start faster. There are swimming lessons throughout the week at various times. The lesson plan is below.


Note: first create an account (“register as a new user”) and then click the swimming lesson of your preference. You are on the waiting list and we will contact you as soon as a new group starts!

Leuke zwemlessen bij Geusseltbad Maastricht met EasySwim ABC zwemmen

Swimming diploma for a fixed price

We understand that it is nice for parents to have insight into the total costs of the swimming course and the estimated time within which your child can swim. That is why we have developed a diploma guarantee plan. This means that you pay a fixed price for obtaining the A-diploma, regardless of the number of EasySwim swimming lessons required. We also offer all-in teaching packages for the B and C diploma and even for the entire ABC trajectory. This way you know exactly where you stand financially: very pleasant!

Do you not want to conclude an all-in package? No problem! We also offer separate 4-week tickets for swimming once or twice a week. The rates are below.

Lesson rates:

Swimming lessons Rates
All-in package certificate A € 615,00
All-in package certificate B € 175,00
All-in package certificate C € 175,00
All-in package certificate A-B-C* € 905,00
4-week lesson card, 2x per week € 74,00
4-week lesson card, 1x per week € 37,00
Enrollment fee (incl. membership card) € 15,00
Test swimming € 10,00
Certificate swimming € 20,00

* payment in terms is possible

These lessons use the compulsory EasySwim swimsuit. This can be purchased for €43,00 at the Front Office.

Download our times and rates:

Swimming lessons: Times & rates


Certificate A:

(1x p. week)
Monday 16.00-16.45 PM
17.00-17.45 PM
18.00-18.45 PM
Tuesday 16.00-16.45 PM
17.00-17.45 PM
Wednesday 14.00-14.45 PM
15.00-15.45 PM
16.00-16.45 PM
17.00-17.45 PM
Thursday 16.00-16.45 PM
17.00-17.45 PM
Friday 15.00-15.45 PM
16.00-16.45 PM
17.00-17.45 PM
Saturday 08.00-08.45 AM
09.00-09.45 AM
10.00-10.45 AM
11.00-11.45 AM
12.00-12.45 PM
13.00-13.45 PM
1,5 hours lesson*
(1x p. week)
Saturday 12.00-13.30 PM
13.00-14.30 PM
(2x p. week)
Monday & Thursday 16.00-16.45 PM
17.00-17.45 PM

*  Appropriate for 5 years and over

Certificate B/C:

(1x p. week)
Monday 17.00-17.45 PM (B)
Tuesday 16.00-16.45 PM (B)
17.00-17.45 PM (B)
18.00 -18.45 PM (C)
Wednesday 17.00-17.45 PM (B)
Thursday 17.00-17.45 PM (C)
Friday 16.00-16.45 PM (B)
18.00-18.45 PM (B/C)
Saturday 09.00-09.45 AM (B)
11.00-11.45 AM (C)
(2x p. week)
Monday & Thursday 16.00-16.45 PM

Are you on the waiting list?

Come to the FREE practice lessons!

To prepare your child for swimming lessons at the Geusseltbad, we offer free water lessons. During these lessons you will go into the water with your child. Under the supervision of a swimming instructor, you will receive playful exercises so that your child can become familiar with all aspects of the water. Think of going underwater, floating, splashing and jumping.

The practice lesson is every Sunday from 13.00 pm to 13.30 pm (free for all children on the waiting list, parents pay recreational rate). Afterwards you can swim freely in the recreational pool together!

Are you taking swimming lessons at the Geusseltbad

Come and practice extra together!

The practice hour is for all children who are already taking swimming lessons in the Geusseltbad and who want to practice extra with their parents. With the help of control cards and tips and instructions from the swimming instructor you can work together in a fun way to practice the skills for the A diploma.

The practice hour is every Sunday from 12.00 PM to 13:00 PM (free for all swimming lesson children, parents pay recreational rate). Before and after swimming lessons you can swim in our pools in a recreational way!

Switch swimming schools?

Has your child already had swimming lessons at another swimming school and is he / she younger than 12 years old? Then it is possible to join an existing lesson group. While pre-swimming, the swimming level and the possibilities to flow in are looked into. Pre-swimming takes place every Wednesday from 13.15 to 13.45 PM in the Zorgbad.

Leuke zwemlessen bij Geusseltbad Maastricht met EasySwim ABC zwemmen

Contact us and go for the A, B and / or C diploma!

Do you have additional questions about EasySwim ABC swimming lessons at the Geusseltbad? Send an e-mail to with your question and (contact) details and we will contact you as soon as possible. Of course you can also call! We can be reached by telephone on +31 (0)43-3504500.

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